The works of Mathieu Briand, articulating imaginary, real and virtual, transport the visitor, make them travel without moving, opening on a world both outside and without limits but drawn from reality.

For the past three years Mathieu Briand has been working on a project call A-droyx .

Inspired by Philip K. Dick, the artist seems to ask the same question as one of those famous and prophetic novels: "do androids dream of electric sheep?" And add "Are we not, finally, the dream of this android? "

Mathieu Briand A-droyx forms are not based on the identical reproduction of the human, the perfect likeness or the impeccable imitation for maximum servitude and functionality, but on a psychological interaction which derives from The Uncanny Valley*, Unheimlich, and wabi-sabi concepts.

It is no longer a question of making "more human than human" but of making "the human more human".

A-droyx have the appearance of human body parts and have the size of a child. They evolve at will in the space whatever it is. They can be considered residents.


“My early works showed and talked about the intrusion of the virtual, using computer graphics and the web, into our reality.
This was in 1995.

Twenty years later, I developed a series of sculptures using the most advanced technologies and different to traditional modes of sculpture production, that allowed me to make the transition from a virtual objects to a real object.

I called these objects Inhuman sculptures because at no point is the human hand involved in this manufacturing process.

Incredibly complex and virtuosic, the forms of these sculptures are made possible by pushing the capacity of these technological tools. Each object is a technical feat, that raises doubts about how such a construction is possible and thus, almost appearing as magically constructed.

The stories that the sculptures bring to us come from an immemorial time, composed of legends, commonplace stories, and other myths - some of which come from me.
The tangle of these stories creates a decor that has an imperceptible but permanent movement.

By revealing the details of the Inhuman sculptures through the virtual images in this book, I propose another level of reading for these works.”

Mathieu Briand

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