Becc Ország is an artist from Melbourne, Australia, who works primarily with drawing. Ország’s drawings though meticulously rendered, remain obscure and confounding in their unresolved narratives, presenting an idyllic yet perplexing world in which the profound coexists with the perturbed. By removing figures and landscapes from the safety of their original contexts she creates dissected, re-imagined, illusionary realms that teeter on the edge of reality. This act of manipulation and appropriation is a comment on the fallibility and malleability of our memories and questions the validity of official histories and widely accepted truths. She explores the fine line between Utopic and Dystopic ideals by investigating political, religious and social belief systems. Ország draws upon an interest in the universal longing for a heaven or utopic land, combined with mans inherent need to be lead and belong, to idolize and revere, and it’s shaping of us as individuals and a society. Her current work in particular explores the phenomenon of paramnesia, in which fantasy is confused with reality, inspiring Rorschach like landscapes which reflect upon themselves around totemic and vortex-like structures, creating meditative and sublime environments that invite the viewer into a state of self-reflection, encouraging autonomy and dissuading instruction.