Kim Barter is a painter /printmaker living on a small farm on the outskirts of Daylesford.

Her work , reflects an Art and Life balance and is about her constant curiosity about everything. Kim Barter loves the idea of ‘not knowing’ as in living a curious search. The idea that there are endless questions and options of thought, ways to live and be, is exciting. She is constantly fighting what appears to be a global voice of rules!

A sense of humour sometimes appears in Kim’s work, which at times gives her comfort in this difficult and troubled world.

Kim Barter values the raw spontaneous form of mark making and materials, and loves to paint with her hands. She also loves being in the landscape, and painting/drawing en plein air. Nature never ceases to impress and this body of work is about giving it a voice.


"The power and beauty of the natural world we all inhabit ,as well as the human condition fascinates me."