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Sculpting a Head Study with Jason Waterhouse


Sculpting a Head Study

In this classic art school project - Sculpting a Head Study - Jason Waterhouse will be guiding participants through the process of creating a 3D head study from a life model, using clay. Participants will be shown how to make an armature as well as scaling and modelling techniques.  They will then be guided through creating a plaster waste mould from which a cast-plaster head will be created.

Masterclass participants will be guided through steps such as:
•    How to build an armature
•    Modeling techniques in clay
•    Scaling and ways of seeing
•    Creating a 2 part plaster waste mould
•    Casting in plaster

This interesting program delivers numerous transferable skills and offers a strong insight into sculpting techniques from life and basic casting techniques.

This course caters for all learners.
All materials are supplied

Three consecutive days from Friday to Sunday
DAY 1: 6 hours ( with a 1/2 hour break)
DAY 2: 7 hours (with a hour break)
DAY 3: 6 hours ( with a 1/2 hour break)

$499 per student

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