Stockroom is pleased to announce we are commencing an exciting program of Masterclasses in our brand new Learning Space.  The Masterclasses are exclusive to Stockroom and present a valuable opportunity to be introduced to specialist skills, delivered directly by artists, designers and craftspeople who are recognised experts in their field.

This diverse program begins with a jam-packed Semester 1 Program in 2017 featuring specialised topics linked to each tutor’s particular area of expertise.  Course lengths vary from beginners one-day Intensives through to Masterclasses over several weeks.  Courses have been tailored to suit skill levels from the beginner to the advanced with a broad range of learning outcomes.


Self Portrait Painting

In the One Day Portrait Intensive Daniel will be delivering an energetic one-day crash course into creating a self-portrait in acrylic paint.  Over the day Daniel will offer an insight into his own practice, and guide the participants through a range of techniques and approaches through a number of experimental works with a focus on a loose painterly approach.


Ways of Approaching the Making of Sculpture

In Ways of Approaching the Making of Sculpture Peter D Cole will be offering an overview into spatial understanding and the creation of sculptural forms.  Participants will be offered an insight into Peter D Cole’s practice and approach to sculpture.  He will cover topics such as drawing for sculpture, spatial practice, understanding sculptural form and colour theory.  Each week, in this intensive program participants will be guided through a different sculptural approach though in-depth discussion ending in a practical outcome.


Building a Squarespace Website

In the course Building a Squarespace Website, Magali Gentric will guide the participants through the process of website design for art folios using the online platform Squarespace.  Participants will be shown how to use the Squarespace program and its applications.  The course will provide the participants with the knowledge to build and update their own website which will automatically format for smart phones.


Moulding Form

In Moulding Form, Anton Hasell will be delivering a program over 3 intensive sessions on techniques and methods of mould making and replica casting.  In this course learners will be guided through a range of mould making skills including, how to analyse form for mould making, casting methods and techniques and finishing treatments for cast objects. 


Sculpting with Soft Metal

In Sculpting with Soft Metals, Anton Hasell will be guiding the participants through the processes involed in shaping, riveting and colouring (patinate) sheets of brass & copper to create small sculpture, jewellery or container artworks. They will have an introduction to the ancient chasing and repoussé techniques, and general shaping of soft metal plate. 


Portrait Photography

Pia Johnson will be delivering a series of sessions on portrait photography.  In the program Capturing the Subject, Pia Johnson will guide the participants through aspects of portrait photography, offering insights into her own practice and an overview of aspects of photographic portraiture.  Pia Johnson is also offering Working with Light and Atmosphere where participants are shown how to work with light and techniques involved in the creation of atmospheric photography.  


Observational Drawing

Michael Needham will be delivering a series of intensive classes exploring aspects of Observational Drawing from Still Life.  The programs are designed to expand a critical skill-set in drawing from the traditional to the contemporary, whilst granting students their individual pursuits in still life and related drawing practices. The participants can select from the program a drawing class according to their skill level and needs.  


The Basics of Traditional Pinstriping

In The Basics of Traditional Pinstriping Dave Stephenson will be taking the participants through the basic techniques required to pinstripe with a traditional squirrel hair brush and enamel paint. There will be demonstrations and exercises exploring methods required to pinstripe a number of different objects and surfaces including wheels and panels.  

dave stephenson brush lettering

Introduction to Hand Brushed Lettering

In Introduction to Hand Brushed Lettering Dave Stephenson is delivering an insightful program covering the traditional sign writing art of hand lettering.  Using a specialist sign writing brush and enamel paint, topics such as brush script approaches, applications and techniques will be covered in this 3 session program.


Interpretative Drawing from Life

Ross Taylor will be delivering a master class exploring Interpretative Drawing Techniques from Still Life a Plein Air Drawing Session.  The participants will explore notions of 'un-learning' and interpretation of the subject through a variety of approaches and techniques.  In this program Ross Taylor aims to illustrate a variety of approaches to drawing and that the success of a drawing is not dependent on how 'well' you can replicate the subject.


Sculpting a Head Study

Jason Waterhouse will be delivering Sculpting a Head Study.  In this classic Art School Project, participants will sculpt a portrait from a life model using clay. Learners will be shown how to make an armature as well as scaling and modelling techniques.  Participants will then be guided through creating a plaster waste mould from which a cast-plaster head will be created. 


Introduction to Welding

In Introduction to Welding Jason Waterhouse will be covering the basic skills required to operate a MIG welder and perform gas welding.  There is a maximum of three students in each session allowing for plenty of one on one time instruction.  Jason will guide the participants through types of welding and their application and offer a number of practical exercises in both MIG and Gas welding.  This course is delivered in Jason Waterhouse’s studio in the stockroom complex.


Bronze Casting

In the Bronze Casting course Jason Waterhouse will take the participants through the fascinating ancient process of casting in Bronze.  Participants will be shown techniques involved in wax modeling a sculptural form at the Stockroom learning space.  They will then have a visit to Fundere Fine Art Foundry in Sunshine, where they will see one of Australia’s premiere Fine Art foundries in action with a personal tour and demonstration in the working space. 


Advanced Sculpting and Resin Casting Techniques

Jud Wimhurst’s course Advanced Sculpting and Resin Casting Techniques is an intensive 6 week course providing a fascinating insight into an approach to sculpture which incorporates model making and special effects techniques using contemporary industrial media.  Participants will be guided through techniques involved in modelling a small-scale sculpture using oil-based clay.  Jud Wimhurst will then show the learners step-by-step techniques to create a silicone mould finishing with a cast resin sculpture.

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