Fabijańska has exhibited regularly since completing a Master in Visual Art (Print media) at Monash University in 2012.
In 2015 she was awarded the Australian Print Workshop Dowd Foundation Scholarship. Recently she was a finalist in the 2017 Burnie Print Prize held in Tasmania and has written an article for the winter 2017 edition of Imprint magazine.

Her practice spans printmaking, drawing, painting, and mixed media work

Bajka [bye-ka]

Bajka [bye-ka] - A Polish word meaning fable or fairytale.

Kasia Fabijańska takes us back to her childhood in Poland where she spent memorable days in forests making cubby houses, in the fields (flattening a neighbour’s wheat crop to make mazes), collecting feathers, flowers, berries and mushrooms. These are some of Fabijańska’s most vivid memories that feed into this body of work.

The prints and drawings inquire into the ways one connects with nature and the land through culture, food, stories and myths during childhood. The artist reflects on the common ground between her experiences and the indigenous Australian cultural connection to Country.

The artist notes that “every time I am back on Polish soil, this connection to land floods back, despite being away for 32 years. Experiencing this country and getting close to it through nature is one way I can create new bonds, fragile like fresh connective tissue sewing together a wound. Tied to an interest in environmentalism, this exhibition is an inquiry into the mechanisms that elevate nature to a more important level on an intimate and individual basis. This connection is what fuels a drive to protect the environment and the art is part of my activism.”