jordan grant . BIOgraphy

Jordan Grant was the inaugural recipient of the Kyneton residency of The Macfarlane Fund in 2017. A recent RMIT Fine Arts graduate, his painting practice inhabits a romantic, expressive sensibility as a form within which to explore our complex and ambiguous relationships with images and stimuli.  

His body of work for this exhibition investigates apophenia (the tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data), as a coping mechanism to distil the torrents of information the contemporary subject encounters on a daily basis. Depictions of found patterns interrupt the gestural surface as symbols of this human rationale, and sit within abstractions of landscape as well as references to various painters of influence, in particular Caspar David Friedrich. Friedrich’s notions of the sublime are summoned as a counterpoint to the various decorative motifs, where order and pattern-cognition are eschewed and the infinitude of the natural world is all-consuming. 

Jordan Grant is the recipient of the 2019 studio residency award and recently travelled to the Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA), located in the historic and thriving Spinnerei art complex in Leipzig, Germany. Jordan’s residency concluded with a solo exhibition at the Australian Embassy in Berlin.