09 June - 08 July 2018

Misty Morning

For Misty Morning Wood has sourced imagery from traversing Victorian landscapes from gardens and parklands in Melbourne to more regional locations where the boundaries between public and private space merge.   These morning meanderings have facilitated this new body of work, where diffused light and flattened forms suggest a human presence.  Figurative forms may appear but their intention is unknown as fog-like shapes float in and out of focus and reside in imaginative spaces of the canvas. Landscapes are narrow in field and intimate in their atmosphere, depicting a dense fog that creates hidden pathways and secret clearings.  The works act as a journey and invites the viewer to find their own place within the canvas.

Resisting the urge to depict the picturesque, Wood’s Misty Morning has engaged a process of making and interpreting paint in reverse, where details gleaned from field trips are mapped out on canvas to be further dissolved.