Emma Langridge was born in the U.K. and moved at a young age to Perth, where she acquired a BFA. Whilst there, she had her first solo exhibition and entered the Holmes á Court and Artbank collections as well as creating a wall painting for jacksue gallery (now destroyed). Since relocating to Melbourne in 2001, Langridge has had numerous solo, group and collaborative shows. She was twice shortlisted for the Metro Art Award (once with honourable mention in both categories), was included in the exhibition series and book ‘Unfinished Journey’, and recently completed a large commission for Citadines Hotel Group


Through a series of preliminary drawings I distill a composition reconciling the given area. Playing with ‘figure and ground’ but maintaining ambiguity, I toy with assumptions and attempt to find common ground between balance and imbalance, symmetry and asymmetry.

Sol Le Witt ‘A change in medium should never be mistaken for a change in ideas.’

Robert Morris ‘The weight of the art is thereby shifted from judgments about termination to decisions for initiation. The a priori idea hovers over and informs the work.’