Australian made clothes for Stockroom

Designer Pamela McGraw’s work focuses on seasoned garments for endless wear. Elegant short-run pieces evidence a passionate dedication to line. The drama of theatre and the movement of dance form the archives for McGraw's exploration of the body. Deeply influenced by the grace and charisma inherent in stagecraft, she creates work for the everyday that emphases the role of its wearer in bringing life to the garment.

McGraw’s work in theatre and dance span over a decade. Immediately after graduation from Vienna College of Fashion she worked for the Volks Theatre in Vienna. Her design for choreographer Milli Bitterli led her to theatre work in Australia with the Belvoir and Griffin theatres in Sydney and as the principal costume designer on sculptor Ken Unsworth’s Opera.

With dual design citizenship of the old and new worlds, the designs reflect her weaving of Austrian heritage and Australian home. Made in Australia, they resonate with bare skin southern summers and the jacketing northern snow of Vienna, blending the natural fabrics that suit both climates in sculptural jackets and delicate dresses.

Clean and cut to ride with the body, EllA arrives with quiet confidence and leaves with quiet calm, the air rushing to follow the pieces out.