Introduction to Sign-writing and Pin-stripping

Master sign-writer Dave Stephenson will be delivering a two day intensive class exploring methods and techniques required in traditional sign-writing and pin-striping. 


Introduction to Traditional Sign-writing and Pin-striping is a program covering techniques on how to hand brush lettering using traditional sign writing mediums and techniques.  Participants will also explore the techniques involved in traditional Pin-striping whereby the participants will be guided through the basic techniques required to pinstripe with a traditional squirrel hair brush and enamel paint.

Topics covered include:

  • Brush types and care
  • Paints and materials used in traditional Sign-writing and Pin-striping
  • How to set up a Sign-writing kit
  • Brush control
  • How to load and hold the brush
  • Brush script approaches, applications styles and techniques

With lots of practical exercises and technical support and advice through the day, this is a must do course for anyone who wants to learn or improve their brush skills.  At completion the participants will take home a series of lettering guides, a finished lettering exercise and Sign-writing brushes.


This course caters for beginners

All materials supplied  (Includes a Kafka sign writing brush, Mack Daggerline Squirrel-hair brush and paper templates to continue building your hand brushing skills)

2 x 5 hour session (with one hour break eack day)


October Session

Saturday October 7th - 11:00am to 5:00pm &
Sunday October 8th -  11:00am to 5:00pm

$399 per student

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