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Naked Boots

The Naked Boots are a popular choice for those wanting a little ankle boot that is easy to slip on while still being nice and cosy on cold days. Complimenting your look they have a flattering ankle height and edgy silhouette. This boot is another style that I produced in my first range for AW 2015 and my customers can’t get enough of. This season’s ‘denim look’ leather is a fantastic neutral, pairing well with the obligatory winter darks as well as looking good with denims and light chambrays. The Naked Boot features deconstructed heel and toe seams and hand-lasted nails on the heel.   Lace up with waxed cotton laces, a cute little bump toe and 3.5cm cuban heel.

Extra toe spring combined with the C width fitting from the (beloved) Luxford last provides the shapely profile and that extra bit of comfort-inducing-width in the toe region! 

Lined with black leather and featuring a fully cushioned leather insole of Poron memory foam under the leather sock.  In keeping with our commitment to slow fashion the Veg Tan leather outsoles on these boots are fully replaceable. 

Waxed cotton laces.

These shoes have been designed, patterned, prototyped and tested in Melbourne by Karen Booker.  Our full size ranges are then handcrafted in Bali by artisan cordwainers. 

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Booker & Co Naked Boots

Additional Info

These shoes are sized to fit the modern woman's foot.   This means these shoes will not crush your feet but gently encapsulate them. 
If you are unsure of what size to order have a look at our chart.
To achieve the most accurate fit you should measure your feet and compare your measurements to the chart, alternatively email us through the measurements and we can select the size that we think will fit you best. 

How to measure your feet

Place a piece of paper on a hard floor (not carpet), against the wall.
Stand barefoot on the paper with your heel hard against the wall, legs straight with feet hip width apart.
Make sure the paper has not shifted and is still flat and against the wall.
Draw a line on the paper at the very end of your longest toe.
Measure the distance between the edge of the paper that was against the wall and the line you drew.
Measure it again to double check the measurement.
Do this again with the other foot.