robert hague natives on the River after glover
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Natives on the River (after Glover)


Natives on the River (after Glover)

hand coloured lithograph on cotton rag paper
edition of 15
70 x 100cm
block mounted framed with natural timber

"Natives on the Ouse River (John Glover, 1838) stands in marked contrast to the actual situation of the traditional owners of Ouse River country - the Braylwunyer people of the Big River nation - which was one of dispossession and violence at the hands of the colonists." - AGNSW Archive

Yellow Peril (aka Vault, Ron Robertson-Swann, 1978) stands foreign and timeless in a Glover landscape (John Glover, 1838). In the foreground a dying Burke and Wills (John Longstaff, 1907) stare helplessly out. Glover's imagined noble paradise torn apart by ambition.

"I believe it is my best work so far and part of my ambition to be one of the best artists of my generation." - Ron Robertson-Swann (The Sun, 1981). Vault was unceremoniously removed from City Square after 6 months, in July 1981.

In 1860 Burke and Wills led a failed expedition to cross Australia. Arriving at the 'DIG' tree just hours after their support team had unexpectedly departed; they died alone at Cooper Creek. The third figure, King, was saved by the Yandruwandha people.

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robert hague natives on the River after glover