How is a Window

Angela Chauvin's work sits within the traditions of observational oil painting, documenting her
experience of the physical world around her.

In this exhibition Chauvin has created a series of paintings made in artists’ studios, with a special focus on how windows exist in these spaces symbolically and experientially. Translated through a hybrid of drawn and painterly marks, her work explores the translation of perception of reality into visual and material artworks.

Based in Melbourne, Angela Chauvin recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT and her Honours at VCA. In 2018 she was one of three recipients of The Macfarlane Fund for her outstanding final year body of work.

solo exhibition
9 February / 3 March 2019


The Macfarlane Fund was established with the primary focus to offer financial support across the career span of artists with three main funding streams at graduate, mid-career and senior levels.

This group exhibition was the culmination of a series of residencies provided by The Macfarlane Fund for recent 2018 art graduate students, Angela Chauvin, Harry Hughes and Josephine Mead.

group exhibition
10 November / 2 December 2018