Angela Chauvin lives in Melbourne, where she has recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT and her Honours Year at VCA. Angela is interested in how humans translate their perceptions of reality into visual and material artworks; the communicative contingency of these perceptions and artworks, and how we use art to show each other 'the world in the world'.

Her work sits within the traditions of observational oil painting, allowing her to document her subjective experience of the physical world. She uses the vocabulary of this tradition; observing light, temporal changes, architectural logics, and spatial experience to make paintings of her immediate environment. The interiors, objects, people and places she paints, are translated in a contemporary colour palette, and with a hybrid of drawn and painterly marks.
Angela’s paintings are palimpsests that reveal her processes of perception, sense making, and language formation in paint. They offer no veneer of resolution, but rather, an invitation to be with that which is in-formation.