10 March - 8 March 2018



solo exhibition


"To know thyself is the beginning of
wisdom" *1

Adam Cusack is an artist whose practice traverses multiple media including drawing, painting, installation and sculpture. His work explores ideas of authenticity and identity in popular culture. Cusack is interested in showing real things in provocative ways; assembling unrelated objects together to bring about relationships that challenge the perception of the original items.

'The act of making something to 'look real' is not what's necessarily important to the work. However, I have found that spending time on the rendering of the subject gives value to the idea, which in turn allows the audience to consider it's 'unrealism' and engage with my practice'

The new sculptural work, ‘sideshow’ focuses Cusack’s interest in society’s prevailing hunger for celebrity ~ and the images which feed a seemingly insatiable audience. Countless media and news companies procure photographic imagery which is published for profit without consent. What does this mean to the subject’s personal freedom? And what are the implications for a society that participate in such an exchange?

Conversely, an interesting philosophical exercise would be for the audience to flip it’s focus of attention back on itself. Let the ‘sideshow’ begin.


Adam Cusack 2018

1. This famous quote is often attributed to Socrates.

solo exhibition

"A skilled user of words" *1

My artistic practice is primarily that of a drawer and painter; and typically I create works that honour traditional principles but challenge perceptions of what an artwork can be. On this occasion, I have explored words found in everyday media and transformed them in their physical appearance and context.

The artworks shown in the ‘Wordsmith’ exhibition reflect my concern for the misleading use of highly evocative words commonly found in consumer based media. Misuse which continues to diminish and undermine their meaning and value.

Words selected from advertisements, newspapers and glossy magazines form the catalyst for the collection. The art has been meticulously refined using pre digital reprographic techniques to create a perfect template. Each piece is the realisation of a high-end crafted process produced in a variety of mediums - including charcoal, ink, paint, fabric and metal.

My intention is that the words used as artworks will be seen for what they truly are. Attention seeking hype.

Adam Cusack, 2015.

‘A reflection of the spirit of Warhol as a media-savvy provocateur’ 1

1. Appropriated and altered excerpt from; ‘Art & today’ by Eleanor Heartney


Stockroom Gallery, August 2015